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Company Profile

Baiyida Tech. Co., Ltd is the professional VRLA battery, Car battery, and Motorcycle battery manufacturer from 2009 and had developed into a leading global supplier of VRLA rechargeable batteries and car battery, motorcycle battery. Supplying to some of the top global OEM businesses large quantities of batteries at reasonable prices while satisfying specific inventory requirements. Our corporate focus is dedicated to designing, manufacturing and selling the Maxipower brand of VRLA batteries, car battery, motorcycle battery, which we believe are among the most popular brand in the industry. Our product range includes:


  • VRLA AGM Battery, Deep Cycle Battery, Gel Battery, OPzV Battery, OPzS Battery
  • Automobile Battery, Dry Charged and Maintenance Free, JIS and DIN Standard
  • Motorcycle Batery, Dry Charger series, High performance with acid, SMF series, Gel series

Maxipower is committed to making the customer its first priority. With our proven track record of providing high service levels to our customers and tailoring our service to meet a wide range of specific requirements.

Our dedicated in-house team has many years of experience in setting up specific supply agreements and can offer support at all levels which enables an efficient service that surpasses all of our competitors.



Maxipower is dedicated to continual product development enabling us to offer solutions for all industry specifications globally. We pride ourselves on product quality, performance and reliability, meeting the industry standards with CE, VDS and UL approvals and certified manufacturing conditions. Our batteries and UPS have superior performance characteristics and value. This is achieved through advanced engineering and state of the art manufacturing processes, coupled with the use of premium raw materials.

Within the warranty period, if our battery can’t work normally, or the battery self appears defects, then our company can arrange the professional engineer to your place to maintain it within the capacity, or we can replace them next shipment or we pay back your goods amount.


Deliver Time

Maxipower can carry out the exact deliver time by the contract made by both sides. Now the deliver time is very important for seller and buyer. We think, in our capacity, we strictly promise our words, if we can do, then we agree our customer, if not, we don’t cheat them. We should tell them Truth!

Meanwhile the contract strictly describes the deliver time terms, if we can’t deliver our customer’s goods, we’ll compensate their loss by day from the contract.



Maxipower requires to supply the reasonable、steady and lower price to our customer by the terms. Now because of the material (especially lead) continuous high-low changes, so it’s necessary to confirm one good price for both sides, we can make the contract to limit both. Both sides can negotiate the acceptable method to confirm the price to evade price risk.


Sales Service

Maxipower has one professional technical team that is responsible for the after sales service contained the quality, technique, FQA, even submitting the bid contents and so on. Before or after you confirm the order, if you meet some problems, first you can contact the sales persons, and then they can reply you by our inner engineers as soon as we can.

One of the most important is that within the warranty life, the battery shows some problems, some can’t work, some emerge short circuit and so on, there are many reasons to lead to it, but anyway, don’t worry about it, please contact directly to sales persons or sales service department, here we reply you the solution in time. This is very important!

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