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Check the tightening of connections.
Every month, it is recommended that the total voltage at the battery terminals be measured.
Once each year, it is recommended that the voltage of each cell in the battery should be read off.
A difference of plus or minus 2.0% between these individual voltages and the average voltage may be observed. This is due to the gas- recombination process.
A check on capacity (independent operation on load) can be performed once or twice per year.
Safety : When carrying out any work on the battery, the applicable safety standards should be followed.
Note : it is recommended that a battery log be maintained , and that records should be kept of the total voltage measurements, any mains failures, major battery discharges (current and time) etc.
The main factors causing reduction in the life expectancy of Peakpower CL Serie cells:
Deep discharges
Poor regulation on the float voltage
Cycling or micro- cycling
Poor quality (smoothing) of the charging current
High ambient temperature

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