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MF JIS Standard Car Battery

MAXIPOWER JIS series flooded maintenances-free car battery has very good low temperature starting ability,super long shelf
life and maintenance free under normal situation.Those batteries are manufactured under JIS technology standard,less electrolyte
is consumed,good anti-vibration capacity.It's good used for car,tractor,mine-truck and the starting,lighting for the construction
engineer vehicles,etc.
High Capacity.
Long life.
High CCA and good starting performance.
Good charging acceptance and vibration resistant performance.
Application of advanced PE type separator.
Application of TTP technology.
Advanced sulfate-resistant technology.
Advanced calcium lead alloy technology, maintenance-free design.
Reliable labyrinth-like seal design.
Lead alloy terminal apply heavy load.
Full ranges models, good appearance and high standard design.
Typical Application:
Starting, light and ignition for car, Tractor, Mine vehicle and Mobile machinery shop.
Starting and ignition for the diesel motor or gasoline motor.
It can be used as power for car, Tractor, Mine vehicle and Mobile machinery shop.

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